Pharmacy changes with medication shortages

There has been an increase in medication shortages at pharmacies recently. With certain medications, parents and patients are able to get the medication transferred directly by the pharmacist to a different location if the pharmacy is the same company (such as a Walgreens to a Walgreens).  This will often be the fastest and easiest solution if the second pharmacy is within reasonable distance. All medication prescription details can be found on MyChart if the pharmacist has questions.

If the medication needs to be substituted (like a change in the type of antibiotic), or if you are requiring a pharmacy change (like Walgreens to Safeway), you may need to speak with the pharmacist.

If a pharmacy (like Walgreens) is out of a medication at all nearby locations, and you need to transfer it to a different pharmacy company (like Safeway or Walmart), please call nearby pharmacies to ask if they have your medication available. If they do, that pharmacy can initiate the transfer for you. This saves you a call to our office.


If a pharmacy is out of a medication, and you would like to use that pharmacy still, please ask them if they have similar medications in stock and what the name and strength is, our office will need this information to place a new order.

If a medication is not covered or has a high out-of-pocket cost, you will need to reach out to your insurance company to see what similar medications are preferred under your specific plan. Once you have the preferred medication information, please leave a message with our office with this information.

Our office may not always be able to change the medication if the replacement options will not work for the prescribed reason.

If you have additional concerns or questions and would like to speak with a nurse, please call the office. Thank you!