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Covid-19 Vaccine Update

Everyone age 16 and older is eligible for the covid-19 vaccine with the addition of Phase 2 starting 4/2/2021.  Using the state vaccine website – – is what we recommend to everyone who does not have an active MyChart account. … Continue reading

Updated Covid-19 FAQs

Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions:
During this time of social distancing, it is still very important for children to receive regular medical care and vaccinations. We will continue to provide this essential service to the community. We are taking extra precautions to provide safe care, … Continue reading

Flu Clinics For The 2020 Season

We will be giving flu shots this year and running flu clinics at both offices, but we are using a reservation system on Sign-Up Genius to help the flow of traffic and minimize wait times.  Please click the 3 following links for dates/times, … Continue reading

Telemedicine is here!

We have exciting news! Telemedicine is now up and running at the office! Call (303) 779-5437 to schedule a telemedicine appointment today!
About Telemedicine
During this time of social distancing it is still very important for infants, children and teenagers to have access to regular medical care and vaccinations.  … Continue reading

Update from our Behavioral Health Team

From our behavioral health team at Pediatrics 5280:
We hope you are managing to stay calm during this unprecedented time. We are wanting to implement some precautions to keep the children and families with whom we work, and our team members, … Continue reading

2 1/2 Year Old Check-Ups

Bright Futures and the American Academy of Pediatrics are now recommending a 2 1/2 year old well child visit.  Many parents have asked about this recently, so we are beginning to offer them in the office.  Since it is a fairly new recommendation, … Continue reading

8 Great Habits For Kids To Have Early In Life

Most parents are well aware that telling children what to do and how to act is far less effective than showing them what to do and how to act. Teaching children what is a good habit early in life works best when the habit or behavior is modeled by the parents themselves. … Continue reading

What Your Kids Need to Know About Poisonous Plants

Summer is a season filled with outdoor activities for children. Whether your child is headed to a summer camp, or is simply playing in your backyard, it is always good for them to know the hallmark characteristics of common poisonous plants such as poison ivy, … Continue reading

How To Manage Your Child’s Eczema

With all the trials and tribulations of a growing family, managing eczema in children is not a welcome addition. Children with eczema present a whole new litany of challenges beyond the normal ones. … Continue reading