Scheduling COVID shots in the office

We are excited to announce that we are able to give the current COVID vaccine to any patient 6mo+ here in the office. The process will be the same as flu vaccines with using MyChart to schedule. Please follow the below guidelines to ensure we make your COVID vaccine experience as easy as possible.

We will not be accepting any walk-ins for COVID vaccines. All patients of Pediatrics 5280 must have an appointment scheduled through MyChart (see the directions below). We will not be offering this vaccine to non-patients. Unfortunately, we are unable to give the vaccine to anyone with Tricare insurance at this time, as it is not currently a reimbursable vaccine. Tricare patients have the option to either pay out of pocket for the vaccine or go to your local health department. We are hopeful Tricare will reimburse this vaccine in the next few months.

The COVID vaccine available will be the current 2023-2024 Pfizer COVID vaccine. All appointments will be during office hours. More appointments may open depending on available staff, so please check back weekly if you do not see something that works for you.

To make an appointment for a patient:

·         Double check the location and click the appointment time that works for you. (Centennial is “PC” and Castle Rock is “Castle Rock PC”.

·         When the option appears, sign in with your MyChart login to schedule.

·         In the appointment notes, please put “covid” or “covid vaccine”

·         If you are signing up siblings, each sibling needs their own appointment, so you will be making multiple appointments. If you do not see multiple spots within the same hour, that’s ok, we just need them to be scheduled on the same day you intend to come in. In the appointment note, please put the appointment time you will be using and the sibling name. Ex: Covid Vaccine- coming at 10am with Jane

·         Please attempt to schedule via MyChart or while in the office to help alleviate call hold times for patients trying to schedule sick visits.

·         To schedule, please use:,901412&dept=9001101,9001102&vt=2122056

When the option appears, sign in with your MyChart login to schedule.