Flu Clinics For The 2020 Season

We will be giving flu shots this year and running flu clinics at both offices, but we are using a reservation system on Sign-Up Genius to help the flow of traffic and minimize wait times.  Please click the 3 following links for dates/times, instructions, and our Sign-Up Genius website.

Flu Clinic Dates and Times

Flu Clinic Sign Up Instructions

Sign up for our Flu Clinic:

Sign Up!

Consult our Guide to the Flu for information regarding flu prevention and treatment.

On the day of your Flu Vaccine Clinic please follow these instructions:

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your time slot. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late you will be asked to come back another time and reserve a separate, future time slot.

Everyone at the Flu Clinics must be free of any symptoms of illness. If any symptoms develop, please cancel and/or reschedule your reservation.

Please have your reservation available (screenshot, email, printed, etc.) at the time of your reservation. Only the individuals listed on the reservation will be able to receive a flu vaccine.

Thank you for your patience this flu season as we navigate the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Free Behavioral Health Telehealth Consults

We hope all of our families are staying healthy! It is so important to stay mentally healthy as well as physically healthy.  Our wonderful behavioral health team at Pediatrics 5280 is offering free 15 minute telehealth consultations for parents, teens, children and families during the Covid-19 crisis.  This telehealth consult is not providing therapy.  The consult could include an informational session, mental health resources, and if needed, referrals for additional care with a behavioral health provider.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please schedule a consult using the following portal:  https://natalie-vona.clientsecure.me/home


COVID-19 Faqs

Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions:

During this time of social distancing, it is still very important for children to receive regular medical care and vaccinations. We will continue to provide this essential service to the community. We are taking extra precautions to provide safe care, including scheduling only well care in the mornings and sick care in the afternoons and enhanced cleaning procedures in the office. We also now have the ability to schedule telemedicine appointments with our providers.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Typical symptoms of COVID-19 are cough, fever, and shortness of breath/difficulty breathing.

People may also experience headache, body aches, vomiting/diarrhea (more in children).

The symptoms can be similar to many other viral illnesses, such as the common cold or influenza.

Who needs to be tested for COVID-19?

Currently testing for COVID-19 is still limited due to the number of tests available at this time. Testing is prioritized for those requiring hospitalization and health care workers. At this time, COVID-19 testing is not being routinely recommended for otherwise healthy people with mild respiratory symptoms. It is recommended to stay at home, isolate from others and treat with supportive care.

How to treat COVID-19?

Although some COVID-19 illness can be severe and require hospitalization, most individuals recover by resting, drinking plenty of liquids, and taking pain and fever-reducing medications. COVID-19 is a viral illness so antibiotics will not treat the infection. It is crucial to stay at home and avoid being around others. The current recommendation if you do not qualify for testing is to self-quarantine at home for at least 7 days from onset of symptoms and until symptom free for 3 days. If exposure to confirmed case of COVID-19 and you develop symptoms, then it is recommended to self-quarantine at home for 14 days.

When do kids need to be seen in the office if they have viral symptoms?

You have concerns about your child’s breathing – breathing seems harder or faster, wheezing noises, or struggling to breathe. If concerns for croupy or barky cough – please call. If your child has asthma and is not responding to breathing treatments. Dehydration – not having at least 3 urines per 24 hours, or unable to take liquids by mouth.
Fever higher than 100.4 that is lasting for more than 3 days

What is social distancing and why is it so important?

Currently, the information that is available shows that COVID-19 infection is generally milder in children and young adults. Some children can actually be asymptomatic (symptom free) even if they are infected and can spread COVID-19 without knowing. This is why it is so important to stay home, practice social distancing (avoiding play dates, group playground equipment, or elective get togethers) in order to help prevent and slow the spread of the virus. It is okay to go outside when the weather is nice – just avoid groups. It is recommended to stay 6 feet apart to prevent spread.

Telemedicine is here!

We have exciting news! Telemedicine is now up and running at the office! Call (303) 779-5437 to schedule a telemedicine appointment today!

About Telemedicine

During this time of social distancing it is still very important for infants, children and teenagers to have access to regular medical care and vaccinations.  We will continue to provide this essential service to our community.  We are taking ongoing extra precautions to provide safe care, including scheduling only well care in the mornings and sick care in the afternoons in the office, and enhanced cleaning protocols.  

We now also have the ability to schedule telemedicine appointments with our providers.  When you call to schedule an appointment, our front desk or triage nurses will discuss your concerns and determine if the visit needs to be seen in the office, or if a telemedicine/video appointment would be an option.  Our staff will then walk you through the telemedicine process.  These visits are billed through your insurance just like a regular in-office visit.  Please call the office with any questions or concerns. 

We are here to care for your family as always!


Update from our Behavioral Health Team

From our behavioral health team at Pediatrics 5280:

We hope you are managing to stay calm during this unprecedented time. We are wanting to implement some precautions to keep the children and families with whom we work, and our team members, safe. Here are a few updates regarding behavioral health appointments with Dr. Vona or Sarah Sutherland to make sure we are keeping everyone safe and comfortable during this time.

1.    Your behavioral health provider will contact you prior to your appointment to determine the best way to deliver services in the safest and most comfortable way for you (e.g. in person, phone, telehealth, or alternative location).

2.    If you or someone in your household has had a cough or fever in the last 48 hours or if you have been around someone who has had a cough or fever in the last 48 hours, we are asking that you cancel your in-office appointment with Dr. Vona or Sarah Sutherland and telehealth appointment will be offered.

3.    When you arrive for your appointment with Dr. Vona or Sarah Sutherland at Pediatrics 5280, you will be entering a side door on the south side of the building. We are asking that families wait in their car rather than in the waiting room during patient appointments (unless it is a family session). Your clinician will give you specific information when they contact you prior to your appointment.

4.    Payment options and any needed paperwork will be discussed at the beginning of the session by your provider.

5.    We ask that you use the hand sanitizer that will be available before you enter the office.

6.    We will be cleaning our therapy materials and offices with disinfectant after each therapy appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our behavioral health team leader, Dr. Natalie Vona, at 720-971-9774

Discontinuing Newborn Care at Parker Adventist Hospital

We will no longer be seeing newborns at Parker Adventist Hospital after 12/31/19 due to low patient volumes. We apologize for any inconvenience, but please know that your infant will receive excellent care from the hospital based pediatricians during your stay.  We still recommend a weight check appointment in our office within 2 days of discharge, as always.   

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