COVID bivalent booster age 6 month+

COVID bivalent booster vaccine age 6 month +

Update: We anticipate approval of the COVID bivalent booster vaccine for ages 6 months and above in the coming month. For those interested in the bivalent booster vaccine for this age range, see indications listed below.

1. If child has already had all 3 doses of the COVID vaccine 6 month+ series they are NOT eligible for the bivalent vaccine at this time.

2. If child has not yet completed the 3 dose series they will get the bivalent vaccine for the third dose. They cannot get the original formula as a 3rd dose once the bivalent is available under the new guidelines.

3. Child must have the first 2 doses of the initial/monovalent formula before getting bivalent dose.

We anticipate having the bivalent COVID vaccine for this age in the office by January 2. At this time, we are recommending if you have completed the first two doses, waiting to complete the third dose until the updated bivalent option is available.

Last updated 12/4/22.

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