8 Great Habits For Kids To Have Early In Life

Most parents are well aware that telling children what to do and how to act is far less effective than showing them what to do and how to act. Teaching children what is a good habit early in life works best when the habit or behavior is modeled by the parents themselves.

Whether the child is 3 or 13, kids look to their parents for guidance, so consider these 8 great habits for kids to develop early in life.

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A Guide to Coping with Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of childhood and growing up, and it’s safe to say everyone experiences some level of anxiety throughout their lifetime. For a certain number of people, though, childhood anxiety may turn into teen and adult anxiety. In fact, we all probably know an adult whom we think of as a chronic “worry wart,” but does that meant they’re affected by anxiety?

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New Psychologist On Staff

We are pleased to announce that Natalie Vona, PhD has joined the staff of Pediatrics 5280.  She has been practicing for over 10 years and is very skilled at helping children, teenagers and parents with a wide variety of issues from potty training and sleep concerns to school avoidance, anxiety and depression.  She is an amazing resource for 5280 patients.  Call the office to schedule an appointment.  It can be on the same day or completely separate from an office visit with one of our medical providers.